What Are The Best Tiles To Use In A Bathroom

What Are The Best Tiles To Use In A Bathroom

Tile Suppliers Direct recently received a contact form from a customer asking ‘what are the best tiles to use for a bathroom?’ and it’s hard to say, because it depends on a number of factors.

You need to think about the overall look you’re hoping to achieve and this can influence the colour and texture of the tile. It is widely accepted that light and bright colours can make a small space appear larger, so if you have a small bathroom you may wish to stick to a lighter palette.

What Are The Best Tiles To Use In A Bathroom

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Textures of tiles can affect light reflecting properties, for example, a high gloss tile like our Glaciar Blanco will reflect light around the room, again giving the illusion of more space, however a matte natural stone finish like our Lagos White Matte, for example, will absorb light creating ambience.

Lagos White Matt Tile

Lagos White Matt

Also our Savoy range from Johnsons would be perfect for any bathroom.

Savoy Oat Gloss Tiles

Savoy Oat Gloss Tiles


It really is an issue of preference as you may wish to have a bright and light space which is crisp and clean and others prefer a more neutral and relaxing colour scheme which can seem less clinical to some.

Consider the maintenance of the tiles. If you are happy to wipe your tiles down often, then a high gloss tile will forever glimmer and shine. However, water marks can make shiny tiles appear dull. For the option of less cleaning, Matte tiles will not show water marks as much.

Grout colour can make the difference between a bathroom looking fresh and new or tired over time. Over years of use, sometimes white grout can discolour, however a darker option will not be affected by time in the same way, black or grey grout is currently on trend and available from Tile Suppliers Direct.

Tile size can affect the overall finish in the bathroom, as for example, lots of small tiles can make the space seem smaller as there will be more grout lines. For small bathrooms, larger tiles and therefore less grout lines create the illusion of space.

There are endless possibilities when considering tile type, colour texture and that this can be complimented by additional feature tiles, for example our mosaic tile range can provide a colourful addition or contrasting texture within your bathroom space. You could insert a row of mosaic tiles around the floor, mid-way or around the top of the room for an exciting and classy feature to your room. Alternatively, you could include a feature wall or tile the entire bathroom using contemporary and stunning mosaic tiles.

Our mosaic tile range includes a number of colour options in addition to textures again for light reflecting or light absorbing properties, in addition to tying in the overall style and colour scheme you intend to achieve.

You may wish to consider floor tiles which are the perfect option for waterproofing the floor in your bathroom and ensuring spills and splashes can be easily mopped up. Again the colour, texture, size and grout choice of your floor tiles will need to be considered as suggested above.

The best tiles to use in a bathroom depends on the bathroom, the style you are aiming for and the look you hope to achieve. You can be rest assured that all of the products required for undertaking this task can be purchased through Tile Suppliers Direct, we offer free shipping for orders over £200 within the UK.  



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