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Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are a modern, eye catching and unique style for your home or business whether you are looking for floor or wall tiles. With a vast range of sizes, colours and textures available, the pattern and placement combination possibilities are endless and as unique as your own personal preference. From building a honeycomb theme wall or floor, mixing colours and patterns such as pastels, metallic and more. Contrasting grout ensures the pattern really pops out and accentuates the contemporary style of the hexagon tiles in your property.

Larger tiles and lighter grout will make a smaller space appear larger. Brighter and lighter colours and high gloss finishes with light reflecting properties will give the illusion of a bigger space, perfect for compact kitchen, bathrooms and WC's. If space is not an issue for your home, the small, metallic finish hexagon tiles with contrasting grout to highlight the pattern will provide a unique and modern aesthetic.