Mapei Keraflex 20kg White
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Mapei Keraflex 20kg White

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Mapei Keraflex 20kg White

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Don’t compromise on performance when it comes to choosing adhesive for ceramic and stone tiles, flex your tiling might with Mapei Keraflex - a cementitious adhesive from the world’s biggest manufacturer of adhesive and grout.

Key Features

  • Easily workable

  • Highly thixotropic (can be applied on vertical surface without slumping/slipping)

  • Hardens without appreciable shrinkage

  • Perfect adherence to most building materials

  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems

Mapei Keraflex is a powdered adhesive composed of cement and graded aggregates and contains a high level of synthetic resins and special admixtures created according to a formula developed in Mapei’s research labs. Ideal for the interior and exterior bonding of ceramic tiles (single-fired, double-fired, porcelain, terracotta, klinker etc), natural stone materials, and mosaics, Keraflex is incredibly versatile and can be used across walls, floors, and even ceilings.