Ardex WPC Flexible Rapid Set & Drying Waterproof Protection
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Ardex WPC Flexible Rapid Set & Drying Waterproof Protection

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ardex wpc flexible rapid set & drying waterproof protection

Ardex WPC Waterproof PRO Tanking System is used as a waterproof protection coat on backgrounds such as cement, gypsum plaster, plasterboard, or wood-based materials. After applying the coat, tiles can be fixed to the background. The protection coat can be used to seal internal corners between walls, filling in holes, joints and gaps around pipes, and to seal baths and showers before tiling.

The kit consists of two components:


  1. A solvent-free acrylic dispersion
  2. A reactive cement-based powder

The proportions can be adjusted to provide a non-flowing consistency for trowelling or a brushable consistency for painting and roller application.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Pack size: 5kg/Powder and 5kg/Liquid
  • Coverage: Up to 6.6m2 when using painting consistency
  • Shelf life: 12 months from the date shown on packaging
  • Rapid setting and drying time: Tileable after only 90 minutes
  • Pot life after mixing: Approximately 45 minutes at 20°C.

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