Reflections Bumpy White Wall Tile 200X200 - (m2)
Reflections Bumpy White Wall Tile 200X200 - (m2)

Reflections Bumpy White Wall Tile 200X200 - (m2)

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Reflection Bumpy White Wall Tile 200x200

Create an illusion of space in your home with our Bumpy White Wall Tile.

With its high gloss finish, this tile reflects light and creates a real sense of open space in any room.

Due to its simple design, this tile is ideal for use with mosaics or colourful tiles to create a real design statement. 

Bumpy White Wall Tile can also be used alone to create a simple yet striking look in your home.

Ceramic tiles will generally not require sealing (unless stated by the manufacturer). It is essential that the correct products are used for both the initial clean after fitting and to maintain them throughout their life.

PREPARE: For an initial clean, use diluted residue remover for honed and polished stone. Allow the residue remover to sit on the tile at least 10 minutes to allow the grout residue to be broken down. The use of an emulsifying pad will aid with removal of grout residue. Sometimes, particularly on a textured surface, after using residue removers there is still some residue which may be due to the polymer within the grout. This needs to be softened with an alkaline detergent. Use Tile and Stone Stain Remover in the same way as the residue remover.

CLEAN: To prevent the build up of deposits it is important that the correct cleaner is used, to maintain the tiles we suggest Tile & Stone Cleaner diluted.

Acidic or highly Alkaline cleaners are not recommended for maintenance of this tile as they will damage the life of the sealer .


Additional Information

Suitable rooms: Kitchen, Bathroom
Finish: Gloss
Suitable for: Indoor
Suitable surface: Wall
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