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Rubi PRO Rubber Grout Float

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Rubi PRO Rubber Grout Float

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Rubi Rubber Grout Float

Rubi PRO Rubber Grout Float 

Rubi's PRO Rubber Grout Float is a durable high quality rubber float, designed to be comfortable to use and give a seamless finish every time. 

Rubi's PRO grout floats offer flexibility, with the right rubber hardness to suit the width of your grout joint - allowing for perfect compacting of the grout, and a smooth finish. 

This float uses a black foam rubber base, and a wear resistant white rubber sheet.  Features And Benefits Offers good flexibility, ideal for filling joints up to 3 mm wide Grout float measures 22.5cm x 10cm (9" x 4") One of the PRO grout float models features a white abrasion resistant rubber sheet