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Rubi TZ 1550 manual tile cutter
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Rubi TZ 1550 manual tile cutter

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Rubi TZ-1550 Tile Cutter

Rubi TZ 1550 manual tile cutter.

  • Maximum power from the most advanced tile cutter on the market.
  • Incredibly powerful breaker (up to 1500kg), operable with one hand.
  • Smoother and more precise head movement.
  • Very large cutting capacity, up to 21mm thickness. Designed for large formats.
  • Robust and folding structure for added strength and ease of transport.
  • Extruded aluminium guides and steel frame provide a bending resistance and strength never seen before in a manual cutter.
  • Swivel bracket and 30cm long lateral stop for high performance angular and repetitive cuts.
  • Cutter is equipped with wheels and carry handles for ease of portability.
  • Designed for cutting all types of large format tiles.
  • Max cutting length: 155cm (61").
  • Max diagonal cut: 110x110cm (43x43").
  • Cutting thickness: 3-21mm (3/32-13/16").
  • Includes: 8mm & 18mm scoring wheels and textile transport bag.
  • 2 year warranty - extended to 5 years for Rubi Club members (free membership at