Weber Set SPF Adhesive
Weber Set SPF Adhesive

Weber Set SPF Adhesive

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Weber Set SPF Adhesive

About this product:

weberset SPF is a flexible, cement based tile adhesive for internal and external use



For fixing ceramic or porcelain tiles:
• Walls and floors
• Interior and exterior situations
• Underfloor heating
• Undertile warming
• Overboarded wooden floors
• Low porosity tiles or substrates
• Power-floated screeds
• Tiling onto existing tiles
• Swimming Pools

Features and Benefits:

• Gives improved adhesion for porcelain tiles
• Particularly suitable for situations where some movement or vibration is likely, or when tiles are very large

• Ideal for tiling on to low porosity substrates
• Suitable for use in dry and wet conditions
• Available in grey or white
• Long working time for difficult layouts


Supplied in white and grey 20kg bags


1.5kg of powder per m/2 for every 1mm of bed thickness

Classification: BS EN 12004 – C2 – S1